what are the Features of Cryptostone Token

Crypto tokens have developed to represent assets inherent to a specific blockchain project. And a crypto exchange token is a digital asset that is native to a cryptocurrency exchange that may launch its own token for a variety of reasons. For example, exchange owners often give tokens to users as incentives. In this regard, Cryptostone blockchain ecosystem, which includes Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway, Centralized & Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, DeFi Lending (No KYC Lending), Crypto Forex Services, Decentralized Worldwide Stock Market, Public Blockchain Network (MainNet) and many others, has its own native token “Cryptostone”.

bertinity token
Cryptostone token


What is a crypto token?

A crypto token is a kind of cryptocurrency that represents an asset or specific use and resides on its blockchain. the rapid growth of the crypto industry goes hand in hand with the growing increase in the number of these tokens. to provide a simple description of the crypto token, it can be said that it is a smart contract. these kinds of contracts, therefore, can represent any existing digital or physical assets. Crypto tokens fundamentally represent a set of rules and every token belongs to a blockchain address. The person owning the private key for that address can have access to the respective token. As a result, this person is the owner or custodian of that token.

Generally, crypto tokens can be used for the purpose of investing, storing values, or making purchases. In fact, they have emerged owing to their usefulness of representing something digitally. divisibility, ease-of-use and tradability are their important features. Indeed, tokens are created by companies wishing to raise money, and then these tokens can then be purchased by investors who are interested in these companies.

Cryptostone Token

With Cryptostone, native token in Cryptostone ecosystem, people can trade and pay fewer fees on our exchange.

they can also use Cryptostone token in exchange for trading crypto or security token with less fee.


bertinity token feature
Cryptostone token feature


Cryptostone token features:

• While trading Security token and stock with Cryptostone token, users can enjoy getting a commission discount.

• It is acceptable on Cryptostone payment gateway.

• It can be listed on Cryptostone and other trusty exchanges.

• There will be a discount on purchases or trades in the ecosystem while using Cryptostone token.

• a fee discount is offered on Cryptostone Exchange if users use our native token, Cryptostone.

• Users receive a fee discount in CPG transaction while using Cryptostone.

There will be a potential increase in Cryptostone value due to project growth.


Bertinity ecosystem
Cryptostone ecosystem


Cryptostone token total supply

Based on the total supply, there will be “62,000,000,000” Cryptostone tokens over the blockchain.

Token distribution in Cryptostone ecosystem

Cryptostone token total supply
Cryptostone token total supply


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