Cryptostone’S Crypto Payment Gateway

Crypto Payment Gateway

Cryptocurrency payment gateway (CPG) is a platform that facilitates the payment for products or services using cryptocurrencies and ensures quick and secure processing of transactions. providing a host of effective tools, it allows businesses to accept, process and manage transactions in cryptocurrencies. On the whole, due to the fact that it is based on a decentralized technology, its advantages are numerous.

bertinity gateway

Cryptostone Crypto Payment Gateway

Since we offer our NO-KYC CPG services, everyone can use our Crypto Payment Gateway (CPG) on their website to provide an alternative payment method to their customers. And anyone from across the globe can use the crypto payment gateway to pay the merchants with cryptocurrencies without any concern of time and fee and fiat payment limitation without any KYC. Also, you can track in real-time with our CPG API & plugins and connect the transaction systems with our e-commerce solutions. Our Crypto Payment Gateway will remove cross-border restrictions and it is accessible for anyone, anywhere.

With CPG, connect to our exchange that has two categories for you. First, you can trade cryptocurrencies. Second, you can trade security tokens without KYC. You can also use our native token in exchange for trading crypto or security token with less fee.

bertinity gateway system
Cryptostone gateway system

How it works

once the user clicks the Place the Order button at the checkout, the web browser immediately encrypts the payment details. Also, it sends the payment details to the merchant’s web server through an SSL connection.

Once the merchant receives details, the merchant sends details to the crypto payment gateway with an encrypted SSL.

The cryptocurrency payment gateway sends the details to the payment processo Then it receives a request and sends a response code back to the payment processor. That response code has all the data and information about the transaction status.

Then the payment processor sends the response code to the gateway. From there it is forwarded to the websit

Finally, the website displays relevant information to the us

Multiple Options on Cryptostone Crypto Payment Gateway

Our CPG supports variant cryptocurrencies to give many options for users. Since it’s an anonymous CPG, all users have an opportunity to keep their privacy, so they don’t have to reveal their identity while using our CPG system. Users may pay and use our native coin.

For example, an online-shop owner may use CPG on the website to provide an alternative payment method to the customers.

on our CPG, the following are provided:


Users may use our REST API within technical documents to implement it into websites.

Control Panel

There is a control panel for each user to checkout balance, records, etc.

Coin support

There are 7 coins supported by our CPG, for now:

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, and XRP.

Cryptostone’S Crypto Payment Gateway
Cryptostone’S Crypto Payment Gateway

Cryptostone Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for Merchants

Cryptostone ecosystem has a special offer for merchants. Here is a comparison between our service and prepaid cards and credit cards.

Crypto Payment Gateway
Crypto Payment Gateway

Major benefits of Cryptostone Crypto Payment Gateway

Anonymity of use

Because Cryptostone is an anonymous financial ecosystem, any payments which are done by our services are anonymous.

Range of application

Obviously, it takes a while to get accepted by more providers.


Since, Cryptostone ecosystem is built on a decentralized network, a blockchain, it’s highly available and online forever.

Credit payments

Customers may get credit by using DeFi contracts on the Cryptostone ecosystem.

Possibility of reloading

Users may reload/deposit the accounts as much as wanted without any limit.

Transaction costs

Since all transactions will be done on the blockchain, all transactions fee is much lower than prepaid cards or credit cards system.

No chargeback fraud

All transaction is recorded on the blockchain accurately, so it’s not possible

for scammers to fraud.

Safe and secure

Since all prepaid and credit card info may be recorded on thirty-party entities, they may access your critical info. But by our services, it’s impossible since you are the only one who has access to your account by the keys.

Restrictions, limitations, and sanctions

Bertinity financial ecosystem is a borderless and anonymous platform, so  there is no restriction to limit its availability for users.

Number of coins/tokens to supports

Over 100 coins, tokens, and stable coins will be available in the future.

DeFi Lending

By using DeFi contracts, all merchants are capable to provide loans to customers who want to use cryptocurrencies as bail. Sure all can be done as anonymous since Cryptostone is a No-KYC (anonymous) financial ecosystem.

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