Bertinity Crypto Payment Gateway opportunities

Bertinity Crypto Payment Gateway opportunities:


In our ecosystem, everyone can use our Crypto Payment Gateway (CPG) on their website to provide an alternative payment method to their customers. And anyone from across the globe can use the crypto payment gateway to pay the merchants with cryptocurrencies without any concern of time and fee and fiat payment limitation without any KYC. Also, you can track in real-time with our CPG API & plugins and connect the transaction systems with our e-commerce solutions. Our crypto payment gateway will remove cross-border restrictions and it is accessible for anyone, anywhere.


Advantages of Using Cryptostone Cryptocurrency Services for Merchants (Beside traditional Services)


✔ Lower Transaction Costs

✔ Attract New Customers

✔ Immediate Availability

✔ Eliminate Chargeback Fraud

✔ Safe and Secure

✔ Can be used beside traditional payment services to attract more customers (Unbanked or Underbanked)

✔ No intermediaries Banks

✔ No Cross-border payments restrictions, limitations and sanctions.




Reasons to Choose Cryptostone Payment Services for Merchants (Beside traditional Services)

✔ Enable Global Cryptocurrency Transactions

✔ Merchant & Enterprise Account Types

✔ Lowest Industry Fees

✔ Ability to Convert Cryptocurrencies

✔ Crypto-Crypto and Crypto-Fiat Withdrawals

✔ Over 100 Coins, Tokens and Stable Coins Available


Advantages of Using Cryptostone Cryptocurrency Services for Users

✔ User can Protect Their Privacy

✔ Safe and Secure

✔ Unsafe Merchants can’t steal user Money

✔ Users with no CreditCard (Unbanked or Underbanked) can use this service

✔ Ability to choose more currencies than traditional

✔ No intermediary Banks


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