Blockchain technology has far-reaching applications across many industries. Blockchain is already used to facilitate identity management, smart contracts, supply chain analysis, and much more. The full potential of blockchain technology likely remains to be discovered. The Blockchain sector has over 11.5K startups. The global blockchain services market is expected to grow from $1.06 billion in 2020 to $1.62 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 52.8%. In today’s world, with the development of blockchain technology, new solutions and methods have been created to decentralize and shift traditional paradigms to change people’s problems to a pleasure.
Cryptostone is an anonymous blockchain ecosystem to utilize blockchain technology as financial tools in people’s life by turning their paradigms into a decentralized financial ecosystem.

Despite the increasing progress of blockchain-based projects and payment services, and financial ecosystems, there are still many problems, some of which are mentioned below.
– Cross-border payments restrictions, limitations, and costs
– Blockchain utilities are not yet truly decentralized
– Cryptocurrencies are more assets rather than payment tools
– Fund and capital raising problems and limitations
– Reveal identity
– More than 2bn Unbanked or Underbanked in 140 countries

So, what could we offer here and how could we try to solve these problems?
Here are some of our solutions:
– Decentralized and P2P services with No third parties
– Simplified fund and capital raising and investment
– Providing an easy, fast, reliable cross-boarder payment solution
– Increase the number of crypto payment gateways
– Merchants to benefit from crypto payment and instant solutions
– Disruptive innovation
– Anyone, anywhere can use our services

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